Our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as missionaries here in Bolivia was very different. It was our first time being away from our families for these holidays and I have to admit, it was very hard. Despite the challenges though, we tried to make it into a grand adventure and were successful in enjoying the holidays and making it special in our own way.
So many people remember those serving in the military and their families around Christmas time. But most people never think to remember their missionaries. Like those serving their country there are countless missionaries all over the world serving the Lord Jesus. They are also far away from family members and the comforts and traditions that we all hold so dear during this time of year.
For me, snow is something I have been missing! The seasons are the opposite here in South America so our Christmas was very warm. It was very strange singing Christmas carols about snow and cold when we are more concerned about sun burn here. It was also difficult to find

     Moving to another country can be frightening. There are always so many differences that it can be almost overwhelming. Now try moving to another country while pregnant with your first child! Perhaps it’s a blessing that this is our first because we have nothing to compare it to.
     This past weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the hospital and receive a tour from our doctor of the floor where our daughter will be born. It was surprisingly small and the beds and equipment were older models. But they were, at least, well equipped and everything was very clean. There were no options for any of the latest delivery methods or techniques. There was one delivery room with only a bed a big light and a counter full of drawers containing the doctors needed equipment. We were told there were monitors and an incubator for the baby but another patient was

One of the most frustrating things about getting settled on the mission field is the language barrier. As we have worked toward renting a home, buying appliances and furniture, having things turned on and everything else there is to do, we have had to rely on others for help simply to speak. 

Church is frustrating as well. We are attending a church that is already established here in La Paz while we are in language school and it can be very challenging to try and communicate. It is also difficult not understanding any of the service. It makes me miss our home church even more. I wish learning a new language was something we could all do overnight but unfortunately it, like many other things, takes time. 

We have seen the importance of

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