Moving to another country can be frightening. There are always so many differences that it can be almost overwhelming. Now try moving to another country while pregnant with your first child! Perhaps it’s a blessing that this is our first because we have nothing to compare it to.
     This past weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the hospital and receive a tour from our doctor of the floor where our daughter will be born. It was surprisingly small and the beds and equipment were older models. But they were, at least, well equipped and everything was very clean. There were no options for any of the latest delivery methods or techniques. There was one delivery room with only a bed a big light and a counter full of drawers containing the doctors needed equipment. We were told there were monitors and an incubator for the baby but another patient was

using them.
     Among the differences in the facility the opinions of my doctor differ a lot from the doctors in the States as well. Everything is much more relaxed. I am not limited as much in what I can do or eat but whatever you do don’t carry your Bible AND your Sunday School book because together they are too heavy!
     I have enjoyed seeing the differences, not only in experiencing pregnancy but also in many other ways. The cultures are so different. Sometimes it can be frustrating but most of the time it can be very funny. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine and it’s always much more fun to laugh than cry.
     Sickness is also something we have had a lot of and experiencing new and unfamiliar illness while pregnant has also been a challenge. But we have learned to trust in the Lord on many new levels. He called us here and He blessed us with this precious baby girl. How then could we not know He is watching out for us? Sometimes I think He just smiles and shakes His head as He reaches down to comfort us again. And then there is that very familiar and welcomed peace that overwhelms even the darkest patches of fear. Our Lord is so dear to me and I’m so thankful that even though I am undeserving He still takes time to calm and comfort and above all, love even me.

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