What an exciting time to be serving the Lord! With all the things going on around us in the world, we know His coming could not be long. It is great to have the opportunity to serve Him till that day comes.
    We have been fairly busy with our time in the states. It started out a little slow due to our unknown return date but it has slowly started getting more busy. Even with us being in the states, our projects are continuing in Bolivia. I just received word last night that the next 10,000 scripture portions have been finished. That makes 30,000 that have been printed in a year!!! And we already have started

Another two months have come and gone very quickly and we have been very busy.

As you may remember, we had to return from our stateside furlough early to finish our residency paperwork. We are happy to report that after 4yrs of work, we are officially Bolivian residents.  This has taken a lot of time and a lot of money.  We are happy to have this behind us.  However, we have something else we may do.  Because our children were born here and are Bolivian citizens, we now have an opportunity to become citizens too.  This would make all of us dual citizens of the USA and of Bolivia.  This will give us more security to be able to stay as this government is quickly turning socialist. It will also help us in our day to day business and as we deal with the government. 

We recently had some visitors here on a survey trip and we are very excited that they have surrendered to come to Bolivia as missionaries!  We had the opportunity to show them around different parts of Bolivia.  We tried to encourage them in the need all across the country. Please pray for Jacob and Shera McKinney as they

I would like to take a moment and let you know of a specific need that we have.  We have been presenting this need in some churches and mentioned it in our prayer letters, so you may already know about it.  However, I had someone ask me for a letter specifically for our need and I thought it would be good to share with all of our supporters.

Before I mention the need, let me share something we have learned in our time in Bolivia.  We have been in Bolivia for 3 1/2 years now but been working in and out of Bolivia for 7 years.  The Lord has had us, up until now, helping other missionaries or churches. But this time has given us a great opportunity to

Hello from the hot and humid jungle of Bolivia! We were able to return to Bolivia in February and have settled back in just fine.  

  This week we were finally able to start the final process of our residency. Everything seems to be going fine with this.  It was MUCH more expensive that we were expecting.  We had been told it would cost us about $500 to finish, however, it is costing us over $3,000!!!  I am not sure how that happened!!!  We had saved about $1,000 expecting it to be more expensive than originally told, but no where near $3000. Please pray that the Lord will help to provide the money we still need to finish. 

   We also have interesting news that we just found out.  Because our children were born here, and are citizens here, it will help us become citizens. We have to get some paperwork from the States but after that, we will be able to have dual citizenship in the States and in Bolivia. This is great news for our ministry.  As you may remember,


   It seems weird to be writing the numbers 2017 on our prayer letters.  Another year has come and gone.  We look back and see how God has blessed us and allowed us to be in the ministry.  What a great honor and privilege to be able to serve Him.  

Since our last letter, our time has been quite a bit different.  We spent most of November filling in for a local Bolivian pastor during his absence.  I really enjoyed my time in his church and it was a great blessing to be able to help him.  He and his family have been great blessings to our family personally  It is because of them that we are legally able to be and remain in Bolivia as missionaries and for that we are grateful.  We were happy to

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