Meet Elizabeth Grace, born at 8:30pm (7:30pm EST) on January 31st. She weighed 6.4lbs and was 18.5" long. God has blessed us with a healthy baby girl. Mamma is still sore, as they were forced to do a c-section but otherwise everyone and everything seems to be fine.

God has truly shown Himself mighty! He has defied everything that anyone said would happen. I would like to take some time and just share what all HE has done for us.

First, we have been told for many years that we would never be able to have a child, yet 11yrs into our marriage, He gave us our first. We debated whether to delay our move to the third world country of Bolivia until after she was born. But God never gave us peace to wait.

Then, when we arrived, many of the doctors told us we should leave. Due to the altitude of almost 13,000', most nationals give birth prematurely. However, foreigners normally either have complications or give birth very prematurely. We were told by doctors, the USA embassy and others much more knowledgable than us that it would be very dangerous. They told us we should leave. But again, God never gave us peace, so we didn't leave.

Well, we made it to 39 weeks which is considered full term. After walking, home remedies and other things we tried, she still would not come. However, by this time the placenta was aging very rapidly, we were told, due to the altitude and lack of oxygen. Then, the the babies heart rate dropped a little. After seeing the doctor almost daily for a week, he finally decided to induce Jessica to try and help things along. Jessica really wanted to do everything naturally and not have a c-section.

We spent about 6hrs waiting for the inducing medicines to work, but they didn't. We decided to go ahead with a c-section. At 8pm, he took her back and did it. Afterwards, he told us this was definitely the right decision. Not only did they find a cyst during the operation, but no one knew that the cord was wrapped around her neck. If we had gone through with a regular birth, they never would have found the cyst and would not have known about the cord. This cord could have seriously hurt her or even killed our little girl if GOD had not been watching out for us.

Not only do we have a full term healthy baby, but during the time I was in the nursery with her, she was the ONLY one that did not have some kind of health problem.

We would like to say thank you to all of you that have pray for us and our little angel. God has definitely done a great work and shown himself mighty. And we praise Him for His faithfulness to us


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