Dear Friends,

We are very happy to be home again! Our trip to the States was great and we got a lot accomplished but it is so good to be home again in Bolivia!

It has been a busy month so far. We had to travel to Santa Cruz to work on our residency papers and while we did get a lot done we will have to return to Santa Cruz in April for the next step. We weren’t expecting to have to go twice. The expenses and fees are $1000 more than the $2000 we were originally told. But at least we are a step closer to becoming residents here in Bolivia!

We are still working in

the Fannings place at their church here in La Paz. Mrs. Darlene is having her chemo treatments in the States and will have to have radiation treatments after the chemo is done. So we are still planning on filling in for them until they are ready to return. We don’t know how long that will be but we are willing to be wherever God wants us for this time. As soon as we returned, there were several issues we had to take care of. Things that were hard to deal with but were necessary. Now we need some time for the church to heal. The church has had a rough year or so but they have stayed faithful and stuck with us.

The printing ministry has started back up since we have returned and we are already working on some projects. Now that we are back we need to go ahead and get the needed parts and supplies purchased for the printer so that we can continue this ministry.

We have also had to have some work done on our truck. The first day we had returned, we went to but groceries. Once we arrived, we noticed a large amount of fluid that had leaked out. It was in the shop for about 2 weeks and hopefully is fixed. If not, we will have to try and import a part from the states which is real expensive. Please help us pray that we will be able to find the right parts and that the Lord would provide the money to fix it.

Ellie continues to do well and seems happy to be home as well. Its exciting to watch her grow and change into a happy little toddler. In January, we were able to celebrate her 1st birthday with our family. It was a special time for all of us.

Thank you for all your prayers and continued support. May God bless you all!

In Christ,

Robert, Jessica and Elizabeth Murray

Missionaries In Bolivia

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