Since our last letter, in January, there has been a lot happening around the Murray household.  First and foremost, let us introduce you to Daniel Murray (photo above).  He was born here in La Paz on January 11th.  If you remember, the altitude here (12,500’) causes a great risk for foreigners having children here. However, the Lord protected both Jessica and Daniel! Both Momma and baby are doing fine. He has gained weight and is growing quickly. Ellie has done well getting used to her new brother.  Jessica’s mom came a few days after he was born to help us.  She was a blessing while Jessica recuperated from her c-section. 

A couple weeks before Jessica had the baby, I started helping a struggling church called Iglesia Bautista de Cota Cota.  We are still working at the Fanning’s church (more on this later) but this church was in need of help.  The pastor “stepped to the side” in November and left four men in charge.  Afterwards, he really started causing

some issues amongst the four he left in charge of the church.  At the request of the four men and the retired missionary who started the church, I stepped in to help in January.  I did not take charge of the church.  I only offered to help those that are in charge and to preach for them while we get things straightened out. 

Please help us pray that things will start to smooth out and the church can move forward. I have sought a lot of advice from the missionary that started the church and the man that is over the church’s Bolivian mission (required by law).  So far, these two are in complete agreement with everything I have done and this carries a great amount of respect amongst the members that are left.

Our time in the Fanning's church is about over.  They will be returning this month.  As they return, it has put us in a place that we are looking for the next place God has for us.  We don't feel like it will be in the other church which is why we have specifically tried to stay out of a position of authority.  My hearts desire is still in Oruro, the place we promoted while on deputation.  But the more we try to go that direction, it seems like the less peace we have about going there.  Therefore, we have now started praying about other cities within Bolivia where God may want us to start our first church.  I have asked around lately and there are several places that have people and/or property but do not have anyone to lead them.  Currently, we have four cities in our mind that we are praying about, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Tarija and Sucre. Would you help us pray about these places and where God wants us to be?

Last week, I visited Cochabamba and had someone show me around.  It is a fairly nice city and has a great need.  It has a lot of Mormon influence as it is their hub for all of South America.  After the Fanning's return, I plan to travel to these other places to visit, see the need and pray about them.  


Again, as always, we would like to thank you for your prayers and support.  While we obviously cannot continue here without financial support, the prayer support has been much more important, especially these last couple of months.  Please know that we appreciate everything you do for us.

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