Dear friends,

    Where has time gone?  It seems like just yesterday that I sat down to write our last prayer letter.  However, it has already been 2 months and is time for a new letter.

At the end of June, we said our goodbyes to the people of the Iglesia Bautista de Cota Cota. When we went to the church 6 months ago, they were in a mess but thankfully we have been able to get them mostly straightened out.  We didn't want to leave those people, but felt it was time to go before they became reliant on our help.  We knew God wanted us elsewhere and didn't want that to happen.  

On our last service, they had a special time for us to say thank you for being there.  They gave us

a letter to say thank you, a plaque, an offering and fixed a special Bolivian meal just for us.  It was hard to say goodbye, but necessary.

The very next week, we made our move to Santa Cruz.  It was a harder and much more expensive move than we expected.  The day of our move, there were government protests and blockades which complicated things. Instead of driving to Santa Cruz, for the safety of our family, we had to fly. When the moving truck arrived to be loaded, it was a blessing to have 15 men volunteer to come out at 1AM in the morning to help us load.  It helped us understand that we had made an impact on them during our almost 3 years in La Paz. I felt like it was the Lord reminding us that our work and your support has not been in vain.  Once we arrived at our new house, there were several things that needed to be fixed for us to move in.  In all the costs were much more than I imagined but our Lord is faithful and we trust that He can and will provide for all the needs.

We are now in our new home in Santa Cruz.  Our whole family seems happier and we are looking forward to what God has in store here.  One issue in this move has been clothing.  We went from a high altitude cold climate to a hot jungle climate.  Most of our clothes are winter type clothing and now we need summer clothes.  Thankfully, Jessica’s mother plans to visit next month and will bring us some.

We have already found a place to be working for the next few months.  We have had a pastor here that has asked me to preach for him for a couple of months while he is away. I will be teaching in his Bible college too.  This time will also allow us to look for where God wants us to start a new work once we return from our furlough.

We have scheduled our first real furlough.  We have been out twice already due to medical issues and such but never taken a regular furlough. So our first real furlough starts at the end of November.  This will allow our family to meet our son Daniel, for the first time, and to spend Christmas and his first birthday with him.  

We have several churches that have changed pastors or that we have not visited in several years.  Our first desire is to try and visit some of these churches.  We have already started booking some meetings with those we have contact with.  If you are one of our supporting churches and would like us to come by, would you mind contacting us?  Especially those with new pastors as there are several of which we do not have good contact information for.  You can find our contact information on the front side of this letter.


Thank you again for your continued prayers and support.


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