Once again, it is time to write and let you know what God has done and is allowing us to do here in Bolivia. It is hard to believe that we have been doing this for three years now!  It was three years ago at the end of August that we made our move here to Bolivia.  It is interesting think back to our plans and thoughts when we first arrived and compare them to now.  Then, our desire was to spend the first year in language school and then move to Oruro to start a church.  Now, we look back and while things have not gone our way, we believe God has been please.  A lot has been accomplished during these years.

    Once again, I want to remind you that

we are coming in to the states for our first real furlough starting November.  Due to our residency, this furlough must be split into 2 parts but we feel this is the best time to take it.  We have already started scheduling some churches, please contact us if we could possibly come and be with you to share what God has done through your faithfulness in prayer and giving. You can email me or text me at 828-290-9427.  Calling that number doesn't work very well, but if you text me at that number, I can call you back.

      This last month, we had our annual mission meeting here in Santa Cruz.  We are required by Bolivian law to do this.  It has become more of a revival/conference event than a business meeting.  I had the opportunity to meet a man that had been a missionary in Paraguay for 20yrs.  He is a Jewish man that has been saved.  It was a great pleasure and challenge to me personally to sit and listen to him.  I was also able to preach to the 30-40 pastors and leaders from all over the country.            

Here in the next week or so, we will be taking another church for a couple of months.  The pastor has things to take care of and has asked us to help step in for him.  I am excited to do so. I will also be helping teach in his Bible college in his absence.  He has 5 men out of his church that he is training up for the ministry and I am looking forward to having a part of that.  We also just completed printing 75 new hymnals for this same church.  Their old ones were literally falling apart and there were no where near enough.


As I finish this letter, I want to share something that we heard yesterday evening.  Hopefully it will encourage you.  We have a park across the street from our home.  Last night, we took Ellie to play in the park.  I was off playing with her and Jessica was watching Daniel, when a Bolivian lady walked up and started talking to Jessica. The lady asked Jessica why we are here.  Obviously, Jessica answered that we are missionaries.  This lady went on to say she worked for a missionary family.  And then she said something that touched my heart and reminded me of our need to be here.  She went on to say, if it had not been for the missionaries, she never would have heard the story of Moses and the other people of the Bible.  She went on to say that it was because of those same missionaries that she learned about Christ and was saved.  It reminded me why we are here.  It also reminded me that sometimes we spend all our time trying to tell them that God loves them and can save them, yet they don't even have a real understanding of who God is.  Thankfully, someone took time and started with this lady from the beginning.  Thank you for praying and giving so that we can do the same.  Your labor is not in vain.


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