We had two things we would like to share with you. One, is so that you can help us pray this week.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for helping us pray for our little baby Elizabeth (Ellie is what we are calling her for short). Also for praying for Jessica. Jessica has been very sore after the surgery but otherwise is still doing ok. As you read in our last email, Ellie is a miracle baby. We give ALL the credit to God and to the prayers of His people!
Yesterday, both Jessica’s and Ellie’s doctors gave them permission to come home from the hospital. So, as soon as we could get the hospital bill paid, we did exactly that. Here you must pay the bill in full before they will allow you to leave. Both Jessica and Ellie seem to enjoy being home.

Now, for the prayer request. Jessica’s mother is supposed to arrive this Saturday morning to see her new and first grandchild. While she comes, she is bringing many supplies with her. Some items we can’t find here and some that are a lot better quality and cheaper to buy in the states and bring here. Please help us pray that these items arrive safely. Also, pray that she is able to get through customs with the these bags without being stopped or any other trouble. With the items she is bringing, if they check the bags, we are likely to have to pay to get them out of customs. This could get expensive.

Again, thank you to each and everyone of you that have and do pray for us. God has definitely heard and answered your prayers in the past few months.

Meet Elizabeth Grace, born at 8:30pm (7:30pm EST) on January 31st. She weighed 6.4lbs and was 18.5" long. God has blessed us with a healthy baby girl. Mamma is still sore, as they were forced to do a c-section but otherwise everyone and everything seems to be fine.

God has truly shown Himself mighty! He has defied everything that anyone said would happen. I would like to take some time and just share what all HE has done for us.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. It was very different being away from our family and friends for Christmas this year, however we made it special in our own way. We enjoyed our first Christmas here very much.
Our Spanish school has been closed for two weeks to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. We welcomed this break for a few reasons. While things have been going very well it is very expensive. We are currently paying $200.00 a week for both Jessica and I to attend. It has been worth it so far and we are learning a lot but the expense has been great. We know the Lord will continue to meet this need.
The break has been nice for another reason. Jessica’s doctor believes the baby will be coming early! Some time this month in fact. So the rest has been

We have sent messages in the past, asking you to pray for Jessica and the baby during the pregnancy. While she has not been born yet, we would like to thank you for these prayers. We believe God has answered these prayers.
We all thought our baby would be early and we had been faced with numerous complications related to the altitude. It had even been suggested that we go back to the states until after the birth. However, after much prayer we just couldn't get peace. Well not only has The Lord blessed us with a healthy baby but we have made it to an astounding 37 weeks and she is measuring larger than that. The greatest complication at this altitude is preterm labor and small babies. I was feeling disappointed that she isn't here yet but a friend told me, I know what we all expected but do you realize what a miracle it is for a foreigner to carry a baby to full term at this altitude? She

We are praising the Lord for His blessings!

As many of you know, for several years, the Lord has allowed me to help and work for my home church ministry and radio station. One of the blessings I had while there, was to help the publishing department make specialized John and Romans for missionaries and churches. While we are in Bolivia, I have still been able to help, but I am not able to do anywhere near what I did while in the states.

This week, Bro Brian Coates came to visit and bring us some supplies we needed. As part of this trip, He and ABMI Publishing are revolutionizing the way we do

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